Our Culture
Enterprise Vision: To Build China'S Leading Machine Tool Production Platform
Service Concept: Beyond Consumer Expectations, So That Customer Trust
Service Slogan: New Product Core Service
Enterprise Values: Integrity, Integrity, Love And Dedication To Work For Innovation Excellence
  • Honesty And Integrity——For Fine Person Is Upright Brave, Honest And Trustworthy Principle
  • Upright Brave, Bluntly That, Through The Right Channels And Procedures, Accurately Express Their Views;
  • And Trustworthy, Responsible For Yourself, Do What You Say, Match Word To Deed; Do What You Say;
  • Respect For Others, Maintain The Image Of The Precision Of The System, And Actively Resist Damage To The Interests Of The Team'S Behavior And Speech;
  • Not To Spread The News, The Bad Faith Of The Interests Of The Company To Stop The Bad Behavior
    Love Tolerance ——Zhijing People Team Spirit: Mutual Help, Grow Together
  • Passion For The Production Of Precision Machinery, Precision Machinery To The Home, To Colleagues As Their Loved Ones, Mutual Love And Mutual Assistance;
  • Identification System For The Precision Machinery Enterprise Culture, To The Precision Machinery For The Cause Of The Platform, Common Development;
  • Empathy, Good At Listening To Different Views, And Different Types Of Colleagues To Cooperate;
  • Tolerance And Non - Independent Differences, Not Inclusive Of The Words And Deeds Of The Precision Machinery And Precision Machinery
    Professional Responsibility——The Service Concept Of The Precision Of The System: Professional And Pragmatic, Customer First
  • Find The Joy Of Work, Continuous Learning; Develop Good Working Habits。
  • Have Advanced Service Awareness, High Level Of Professional Skills, To Provide Customers And Colleagues;
  • Have A Sense Of Ownership, Positively Affect Team, Improve Team Morale And Atmosphere;
  • Dare To Play, Thinking In The Customer Standpoint, If Not Their Responsibility, Not Shirk;
    Innovation Excellence——The Innovative Thinking Of The Precision Of The System: The Practical Innovation, The Embrace Of The Changes
  • Be Good At Building Up New Methods, New Ideas, The Pursuit Of Innovation Based On The Professional And Pragmatic;
  • The Pursuit Of Excellence In Service Quality, Beyond The Expectations Of Consumers, So That Customers Trust;
  • Dare To Innovate, The Courage To Practice, Do A Good Job Of Basic Work, Do More Practical Things, Do Not Do Oral Experts;
  • Embrace The Changes, The Difficulties And Setbacks, Not Complaining, Can Self Adjustment